Chapter President - Danielle Martin

Major -  English and Political Science
Hometown - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chicago, IL

Vice President of Operations - Sherry Wu
Major -  Global Affairs and Economics
Hometown - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vestavia Hills, AL

Panhellenic Delegate - Annabel Sotomi
Major -  Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Hometown - Houston, TX

Director of Leadership - Emma Kirby
Major -  Cognitive Science
Hometown - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Santa Monica, California

Vice President of Risk Management - Ali Vandebunt

Major -  Global Affairs
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Santa Monica, CA

Director of Social Events - ​​​​​​​Andi vonHilsheimer
Major -  Film and Media Studies
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Key West, Florida

Director of Policy and Prevention Education - Anisha Arcot
Major -  Economics
Hometown - ​​​​​​​West Linn, OR

Director of Member Conduct - Zoe Durham
Major - Economics
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Dallas, TX

Vice President of Member Experience - ​​​​​​​Lucy McEwan
Major - Physics
Hometown - Liverpool, England

Director of New Member Experience - Jessica Greenwood
Major -  Economics
Hometown - Oak Hill, West Virginia

Director of New Member Experience Chair - ​​​​​​​Sonya Gladstone
Major - Psychology
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Hamden, CT

Director of Lifelong Membership - Jess Pevner
Major - Statistics and Data Science
Hometown - Villanova, PA

Director of Academics - Fiona Benson
Major - American Studies
Hometown - New York City, NY

Director of Fraternity Heritage - Sophie Oestergaard
Major - Applied Math
Hometown - London, England​​​​​​​

Director of Fraternity Heritage Chair - Clara Schwab
Major - Computer Science
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Portland, OR

Director of Diversity and Inclusion - Dara Albrecht
Major - Environmental Studies
Hometown - Charlotte, NC

Vice President of Finance and Housing ​​​​​​​- Joanna Wrobel
Major - Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Wellesley, MA

Director of Housing ​​​​​​​- Neelam Shaikh
Major - Cognitive Science
Hometown - Bethesda, Maryland

Director of Member Finances ​​​​​​​- Cate Mollerus
Major - Applied Math
Hometown - Larchmont, NY

Vice President of Community Relations ​​​​​​​- Carmen Ozonas
Major - ​​​​​​​Political Science and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health
Hometown - Castañer, Puerto Rico

Director of Service and Philanthropy - Caroline Silver
Major - American Studies
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Scarsdale, NY

Director of Public Relations and Marketing - Zola Canady
Major - Cognitive Science
Hometown - Washington, DC

Vice President of Recruitment - Chloé Fink
Major - Cognitive Science
Hometown - ​​​​​​​London, England

Director of Recruitment Events - Amanda Dickerson
Major - Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Hometown - ​​​​​​​Springfield, VA

Director of Membership Selection - Kathryn Miyawaki
Major - History of Art and French
​​​​​​​Hometown - Kansas City, MO